The easiest way to express your spirituality

The project

Versual - i.e. pertaining to a verse - is a mobile app whose concept unites an image edition system to a database of inspirational biblical references. A classic case example would have the user take a picture, edit it using a large choice of filters and effects, and then, search for a biblical quotation which reflects the mood or the situation the user finds himself in, the feeling he is experiencing or the one he wants to communicate to his network. The final step of the process involves sharing the photo montage on social networks in the purpose of inspiring one’s entourage with the words of God.

The challenges

The database, developed over the span of many years by the conceptual creator of this project, contains more than four thousand biblical quotes, each belonging to one or many categories such as “nature”, “inspiration”, “love”, “humor”,... The challenge was therefore to develop an intelligent search engine which would suggest the quotes most likely to interest the user while incorporating a random factor in order to avoid repetition.



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Content Management System (CMS)

The database is, as mentioned above, imposing and ever evolving. It is managed online by a homemade Content Management System (CMS) powered by Node.js and the Yeoman framework. This system is fast, efficient and provides a lovely user experience.

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