Lost In

A city guide curated by locals

The project

Lostin is a Berlin-based company which took on the mission of rethinking the travel guide in a very “Berlin way”. Their content is “curated by local experts” as the most renowned bloggers, journalists and photographers of the region contribute to a specific city guide, enticing you to get lost in the city.

From paper guides to their numerical embodiment: a mobile app - iOS & Android - which invites you to discover the most exceptional locations a city has to offer, as it allows for the planning of custom itineraries and facilitates transit. The app also supports offline usage, offering a city-specific data download system.

The challenges

The aesthetic quality of the product is of the highest importance at Lostin and it appears it is a most contagious sentiment. The design challenge was to contaminate the mobile app with the beauty and elegance of the paper guides, a challenge whose complexity is multiplied by platform specific considerations exclusive to both iOS and Android OS.

From a technical standpoint, the implementation of an in-app purchase system is a noteworthy accomplishment. That being said, the most stimulating task of this software project remains the development of the Data Warehouse; the conception of its instinctive interface, which optimizes the data entry process, and of its architecture, which optimizes the data delivery speed.



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Color palette:
We based the color palette on the Berlin issue of Lostin because that’s where they are based.

Primary typeface:

Secondary typeface:


App icon:



  • Blog (WordPress)
  • Ecommerce (WooCommerce)
  • Paper guides sold online
  • SEO


Data Warehouse

Introducing the Data Warehouse: a web-based platform - powered by Node.js and the Yeoman framework - and a full content management solution. This software supports the contribution of multiple users, integrates the Google Places service, for a quick and accurate autocompletion of the locations’ descriptive form, and implements a synchronisation system with the Amazon S3 service in order to alleviate the Web server’s burden and to deliver media content with swiftness and reliability.

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