The freshest way to connect

The project

To "Jibe" is to "fit"; it means to connect, to have the feeling of knowing a stranger who knows us too. A wind of freshness is blowing in the field of social network and we can hear it whispering "Jibespot". This project has a bold and innovative concept; a network which links people together, not by a pre-established friendship, or by searching to find content, but by listening to what you want and answering that desire with the content that “Jibes” with you.

The challenges

We all know social networks involve a high volume of media content. Jibespot is not an exception to the rule; and, on the contrary, its unique concept favors the publication of this type of content. The task then falls upon the developers to manage and optimize the various types of media so that its consumption is comfortable and harmonious. Added to this is the challenge of integrating a highly customized interface that pushes the boundaries of a mobile device and its peripherals.



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