Industrial revolution 4.0

The digitalization of manufacturing companies

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The revolution

Technologies are revolutionizing the industrial world for a fourth time, providing manufacturing companies with the means to digitize their processes in order to increase productivity and flexibility, simplify management activities, reduce losses and waste, automate operations and to globally improve the manufacturing process with a strategic use of technologies.

The digitalization process of an industry is a long term project and the appropriate strategy has to be custom and incremental. The first step is that of a diagnostic, an assessment of the digital maturity of the company and the determination of its technological evolution potential. Follows an analysis of one or many specific problems and the conception of a fitting technological solution which is to be included in a broader digital strategy. The final step is the implementation of the solutions and their deployment within the company, maintaining a close follow up to support optimal use of the solutions, measure their effectiveness and determine potential improvements.

This fourth industrial revolution is in fact an evolution powered by advanced technologies, technologies which were previously embryonic, inaccessible or non-existent. But today cutting edge technologies are convenient and affordable, whatever the size of the company which wishes to incorporate them to its value chain, providing a certain return on investment.

Third Bridge presents, an initiative to propel manufacturing companies into the fourth industrial revolution. Visit the SmartFactory website to learn how the Third Bridge team can help your company gain an edge with industry 4.0 technologies and practices.

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Third Bridge helps companies of all kinds with their digital evolution, providing solutions that optimize administration processes, production processes, sales processes, etc. Do contact us and we will be happy to carry out a preliminary analysis of the digital maturity of your company and to analyze its needs - for free it goes without saying.

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