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The project

We were initially entrusted with the maintenance of the Couche-Tard mobile applications as well as their evolution until the limit of their software was reached. The time had come for a more thorough renovation: new design, more functionalities, modernization of the CMS ... the Couche-Tard application 3.0 is now available for an update on the devices of several thousand users.

The challenges

You have probably heard about beacons: these small Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that detect nearby mobile devices and that trigger a signal, if necessary. In this particular case, a notification is sent to the mobiles in question, announcing the exclusive offers that the customer can benefit from during their visit of the convenience store. An innovation for Couche-Tard, a first experience with this technology at Third Bridge Developments and, in both cases, a fascination for these small beacons and their unlimited potential.



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Beacons & Analytics

The beacons mentioned above do not only send a notification to the mobile devices in the vicinity, but also transmit a communication from the mobile to the server, informing the server of the customer's visit, the branch in which the visit was made, the duration of the visit, the exclusive offers suggested to the customer, as well as whether the customer took advantage of these offers or not ... This is crucial information for this multinational company that is constantly seeking to improve its service and increase the satisfaction of its customers.

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