Third Bridge specializes in multi-platform software development, taking advantage of the reliability and security of cloud computing, the versatility and accessibility of the World Wide Web as well as the mobility and friendliness of mobile applications, thus producing complete and optimal IT solutions.

The company advocates a responsible software development process that relies on proven and promising technologies in order to ensure the performance, stability and durability of its products.

Third Bridge domesticates and harnasses technology then yields to its clients the reins of a well tamed beast.

We've had the chance to work with:
Couche Tard (CAN)
Fromagerie Bel (CAN)
Lost In (ALL)
CPFormplast (CAN)
Paradym (GBR)
HAVAS Worldwide (CAN)
Michel Brisson (CAN)
Desjardins Lab (CAN)
Equinoxe (CAN)
Ubity (CAN)
PIxmob (CAN)
Moving Waldo (CAN)
Mr. Phoenix (CAN)
Nurun (CAN)
Intellisports (CAN)
We Are Interactive (CAN)
GTL Paysagiste (CAN)
AllPrepMeals (CAN)
Valtech (CAN)

Visit us at:
1253 McGill College Avenue, 3rd floor
Montreal, QC H3B 2Y5

+1 514.605.4129

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Pierre-Étienne Bousquet

co-founder & account director

Pierre-Étienne is the head of the company and Third Bridge is looking good. Co-founder and CEO, he has been leading the business since 2012 in a most successful way. The thing is, Third Bridge is the answer to a need, both to its clients and to its natural born leader.

Nicolas St-Aubin

co-founder & technical director

Nicolas is a software engineer and well-versed in all of Third Bridge’s fields of activity: analysis, conception, iOS, Android and Web development, etc. The vast spectrum of his expertise and his extensive experience make him an obvious supervisor for any software development project Third Bridge undertakes.

Alexandre St-Aubin

director of operations

Alexandre, like a renaissance man, is good in all things, expert in none. He is in constant quest for knowledge, a quest which will never end. His intellectual curiosity is matched only by his professional resourcefulness and his mind, inspired and creative, is capable of precise analysis and great imagination; he excels at identifying the needs of a project and defining its technical solution as well as its potential further improvements.

Mohamed Ali Laraki

android and iOS developer

Master in computer sciences, he also possesses a lot of experience as a mobile developer. Of formidable efficiency, he is a tireless worker who makes it his duty to deliver softwares of the highest quality. His resources, virtually endless, never cease to grow and he his the kind of man that sees only one thing in a problem: its solution.

Jérome Kelly

android and backend developer

Jérôme Kelly programs at a phenomenal speed, leaving in its wake lines and lines of structured, efficient code of limpid clarity. Fresh out of Montreal’s Polytechnique, Jérôme is a software engineer endowed with mighty coding skills. He gives Third Bridge’s products an unmistakable excellence.

Émilie St-Aubin

account manager and business development

Financial strategy, project management, business development, technological research, design, redaction, networking… Émilie’s responsibilities are numerous and require a good dose of imagination when it comes to concrete actions. Thankfully, that’s a quality Émilie has plenty of. Her experience unites a financial formation at Montreal’s most prestigious business school, the Montreal HEC, and a professional life which has lead her across the globe and taught her multiple languages. She brings to the team something essential Third Bridge was lacking before and that is in no way a question of gender.

Samuel Rondeau

sysadmin & security specialist

Samuel is a computer science prodigy, science for which he possesses an earnest and contagious passion. His powerful intellect demands constant stimulation which is why he is assigned the most complex tasks, naturally… to the greatest joy of the rest of the team.

Vincent Rodier

android developer

Jimmy Neutron’s the nickname as this genius is master of both software and hardware development. His professional rigor is a precious asset as well as his discipline and his candor. Do know that Vincent underwent military training before joining the ranks of Montreal’s Polytechnique software engineers.

Frederic Quenneville

iOS developer

Frédéric is a gifted programmer. His instincts are accurate and his understanding of computer science related issues is innate. His sense of initiative leads him and his software solutions to surpass expectations consistently and systematically.

Quentin Nolan

iOS and Web developer

Third Bridge’s website has never looked so good, thanks to Quentin. He is a meticulous Web developer, creative and with a very good eye for the aesthetics. Yet, as a computer scientist, his talents surpass the single field of Web development as exhibited by his first place in the mobile development activity of 2017’s CS Games.