Third Bridge specializes in multi-platform software development, taking advantage of the reliability and security of cloud computing, the versatility and accessibility of the World Wide Web as well as the mobility and friendliness of mobile applications, thus producing complete and optimal IT solutions.

The company advocates a responsible software development process that relies on proven and promising technologies in order to ensure the performance, stability and durability of its products.

Third Bridge domesticates and harnasses technology then yields to its clients the reins of a well tamed beast.

We've had the chance to work with:
Couche Tard (CAN)
Fromagerie Bel (CAN)
Lost In (ALL)
CPFormplast (CAN)
Paradym (GBR)
HAVAS Worldwide (CAN)
Michel Brisson (CAN)

Visit us at:
1253 McGill College Avenue, 3rd floor
Montreal, QC H3B 2Y5

+1 514.605.4129

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Pierre-Étienne Bousquet

Co-founder & Account Director

Nicolas St-Aubin

Co-founder & Technical Director

Alexandre St-Aubin

Android and Backend Developer

Mohamed Ali Laraki

Android and iOS Developer

Samuel Rondeau

Android and Backend Developer

Jérome Kelly

Android and Backend Developer

Vincent Rodier

Android Developer

Frederic Quenneville

iOS Developer

Quentin Nolan

iOS and Web Developer